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Okay, how the fuck are SJWs defining objectification/sexualization/dehumanization? Because on the one hand they all flipped out over shit like the Quiet from MGS5 and that Spider-Woman cover, but then they’re all cool with Kill La Kill, going as far as praising it as feminist, and have developed this habit of injecting their characters into erotica and porn, which, last time I checked, are genres that by definition primarily function to provide sexual gratification.

basically, they define it however the fuck they want, because they have no standards.

because they are a bunch of 12-17 year old assburgers retards who were taught that they are indigo children.

MOD 1:  Kill la Kill gets a pass because it’s foreign/Japanese and therefore criticizing it would be “racist” by their own rules.

It’s not SJW’s criteria.

It’s liberalism, pure and simple.  Let’s call this movement what it is.  It’s liberal progressivism, basically just the hard left.  Their “values” are that whites are evil, America is evil, everything non-white is holy and pure, and any old fashioned values are obsolete and should be discarded.





Keep movin the goalposts, feminists. Your lies and cruelty have been exposed repeatedly.

Reminds me of all the feminists who just respond to all my criticism of Anita with “lol wow you’re just upset that a woman has an opinion!”

Honestly, the best punishment would be to have them live by laws crafted by say, Margaret Thatcher or Sarah Palin.  What’s that?  You don’t like that Sarah Pee has banned you from getting an abortion in all circumstances?  You just hate her bcause she’s a woman with an opinion. 

I shit you not, when I criticized her(as well the Becdl Test) in a TVtropes thread I was meant with “so what makes you hate feminism so much?”

women are incapable of arguments or debating. they have no ability to seek logic, or make rational points.

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